We repent from carrying burdens that have not been put on us by You:
The choices that others have made or refuse to make, trying to prove Your reality because it has been demanded from us.
Working to be acceptable

Your yoke is easy; Your burden is light; to do what You command is not burdensome at all.

We are released from responsibility that did not come from You, but has been put on Your body, the Church, by religion, reputation, our own particular histories and judgement against us by the world.
We lay all of that down before You.

We rise up in the authority that You have given us, without fear or shame; with courage, boldness, hope and great joy!
Forgive us for trying to conjure up opportunities. We repent from our own works.
with our arms free to reach, we stretch out our hands to grasp Kingdom possibilities!
We call forth all of the connections You have for us:
With You first; then within our selves.
Next in the Church; then in our neighborhoods and communities.
We call forth connections around the world., until Your Kingdom has been spread everywhere.

Thank you that we are Holy and acceptable in Your sight; that we are dearly loved by You.
Thank You for revelation and wisdom,
For Your Word;
For blessing, healing, good will and favor.
We stand tall, a royal priesthood, an army of sons and daughters, clothed in grace; equipped with everything we need. As You call us, we obey.
We live as reflections of You, unhindered, powerful and free.

To the glory of Your Name. Amen.

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