My Papa says I’m beautiful!



“And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.”

2 Corinthians 3:18 NIV


Divine plans were set in place,
Especially for me
So that I would do the good works
That reflect God’s glory.
I gladly live as who I am;
Never to be someone else;
Yielding gratefully to the lead of Holy  Spirit.


These are the words to a song I am composing. I have the melody and some of the harmony:


You’re the author of my heritage;
My life is found in you.
You know the plans you have for me
And my destiny is true.
The riches of my legacy
Will bless for years to come;
I’m your precious child, oh Lord Most High
And your kingdom is my home.


You live in me;
I’m alive in you
Through Eternity;
In all I am;
In all I do.


Is God good?
Is he in a good mood?
Is this so all of the time or are there exceptions?


What you believe about God is absolutely foundational to ALL of your relationships:  With Him; with yourself; with others.
Your faith is the material from which every perception, belief and expectancy will be sewn.


If you consider God to be one who acts on whim; who blesses when He is in a good mood and either ignores or punishes when He isn’t, you are in for a precarious life.  You will find your heart filled with doubt, fear, insecurity and a drive to make sure you perform just right.


If, however, you understand that God is always good; He is perpetually at peace, joyful, hopeful, loving and affectionate, you will find these same qualities reflected in your life.  You will be able to trust and rest; your expectations will be based on His goodness instead of your efforts.


“Yeah, but…”  you might say, “What about illness, injury, natural disasters and death??”

Indeed, how many times have you heard somebody say that God gave a person some disease or disability?  How about statements that God brought disaster on people?  How often do you hear, “if it’s God’s will,…” when someone is seriously ill and might possibly die?


Truthfully, God doesn’t have disease, injury and disaster to give us.  Those things came into the world when humankind yielded to Satan’s temptation.  What God has to give is good, perfect and life-giving; Satan is the one who lies, kills, steals and destroys.  There’s a war on!


I am beginning to understand that the greatest weapons in our arsenal are what we believe and how we speak.  If we truly get who God is, what He says and does; if we declare those things and press into them, we break through the devil’s scheme and experience God’s Kingdom on earth.  Words have power; that’s why Satan attacked, based on what God said.  If he can get us to agree with him, he gains a foothold.  If, on the other hand, we agree with God and declare His truth, more ground is taken.  Please understand:  God has already won the war through Jesus’ suffering, death, resurrection and ascension.  Let’s start by agreeing with Him about that.


Is God good?  Yes.  He is, in every way; all of the time.  He has salvation, healing, prosperity, courage, hope, joy, peace, love and endless blessings to pour out on us.  He can and wants to give us every good gift.
Is He in a good mood?  Yes.   In every way; all of the time.  Make a list of every happy emotion you can think of:  That’s how God feels.  Does He know sorrow, anger, grief, rejection and pain?  Yes.  HE is the Man of sorrows, acquainted with grief.  He has experienced everything that people do; yet without sin.  He knows how to comfort and give courage.  He can be in a good mood through all of this because He sees the whole picture.
Does He love and like you?  Yes.  That is why He cares about your faith, attitudes, words and actions.  He wants you to have all of the goodness of His Kingdom and none of the destruction of the devil’s realm.
Do you have power and choice?  Yes.  God is not interested in puppets or robots; He wants real people who freely choose to love and follow Him.
Choose this day whom you will serve (worship; follow.)  Put your trust in the good, good God, who already knows and loves you.


The greatest family value is love:
Papa God set the standard;
Big Brother Jesus sest the example;
Holy Spirit empowers us
So that we can live accordingly.

Another family value is truth:
Spoken in sincerest love;
The standard for God’s dear sons and daughters;
In knowing Him we are set free,
Jesus the Way the truth and the life.

Papa God’s family values honor:
Parents, each other and all
Who know Him or need to find His presence;
Until they learn they are precious
And find their identity in Christ.

As we grow and learn family values,
May we practice them daily;
Call for God’s will on earth as in Heaven;
Live in Kingdom reality;
Reflect His glory until He comes.


Princes and princesses
Expect prosperity;
Going without doesn’t cross their minds;
They don’t live in poverty.


Princes and princesses
Learn the ways of honor;
Practicing courtesy and respect;
Defering to one another.


Princes and princesses
Reflect the royal King;
In how they carry themselves and act;
In the presence that they bring.


Princes and princesses,
Children of God most high;
Live according to His royal ways;
Reflect His glory bright.


Sometimes, I think I get so stuck on a topic that everything I write seems redundant.

When it comes to knowing who God is and who we are, constant repetition is probably more than all right; it’s desirable.

There are so many sources that work to convince us that God is everything but who HE truly is.  He’s “the universe” or the very distant, angry disciplinarian who does things arbitrarily.  He loves us, but we have to jump through all sorts of hoops to earn His approval.  He’s impotent:  People and circumstances are bigger than He is; we have to fend for ourselves…. And on the lies go.

Then, there is the same army of voices after us about who we are:  Nothing, a bother; wormly beings that deserve nothing but eternal punishment.  Orphans who need to work at being better than we are.  Good, if we really put in the effort.  Broken wretches….

It’s all about identity.  AS we come to know the Truth about who God is, we discover ourselves:
God is love.  He is good all the time; He is always joyful.  He is the Prince of Peace, Healer, Redeemer, Friend that sticks closer than a brother.  He is not ashamed to call us His brothers and sisters; He likes us.

He is head over heels in love with us.  He says we are precious, wonderful, glorious sons and daughters, made in His image.  We are His creation, workmanship, children.  He has wonderful plans for our lives; He has created good things for us to do.  He loves to bless us; He thoroughly enjoys hanging out with us.

I’m His favorite.

But then, so are you.

He loves every individual as though he and she were the only person in the whole world to love.

He loves with His whole being; not just intellectually or with words alone.

His love is so powerful, nothing can separate us from it.

We are living epistles, reflections of His glory, His chosen ones, a royal priesthood, temples of the Holy Spirit.

In short, we are awesome and glorious because of Jesus.

The next time you look in the mirror, tell yourself who you are according to God; then give yourself a hug.  Papa says you’re beautiful and awesome.  Gents, He calls you noble, valiant and amazing.


God our loving Father Knows each of us intimately.
There is absolutely nothing, past, present or future that He can’t see.
“Oh, I never thought of that,” is never something He says;
“I know the plans I have for you to give you hope always.”


Single or married, professional, blue collar or trade;
Each person and walk of life is holy and for His loving purpose made.
No seconds in His Kingdom, each is precious in His sight.
Each child of His is destined to walk in His life-giving light.


Oh son and daughter of God, please listen to the words I say:
What He thinks, says and does for us exceeds expectations in every way.
If you were to name each star and count every grain of sand,
You’d fail at describing the blessings that come from God’s Hand.


Those of you who follow Lifehelps know that my nephew and Godson, John, went home to Jesus last Friday.


There is an aspect of his homecoming that I would like to share because it points to a beautiful truth about God.


I believe that Jesus heals today; in fact, he has healed me of things that were not medically treatable.  I told my family this when we knew that John either needed to be healed or he would die.


As I was praying for him, I heard this word:
“I will let John choose and I will honor his decision.”


As soon as I heard that, I knew what John would choose.  A physical healing would not have been enough because he was weary of soul.  He had put everything he could into living a difficult, painful life; home to Heaven was the better choice.


How awesome is it that the Most High, Holy One, Creator of the universe honors our choices!  If we want him to stay at a distance, he does.  If we put up a wall, he doesn’t barge in through the door, bulldoze the wall or climb over it; he simply speaks from the place we have given him.  If we ask him to protect, provide or heal, he does.  Jesus often asked people what they wanted.  He still asks us; then honors our choices.


Thank you, Jesus, for your deep, intimate love.  Thank you that you honor us, even though you have the power to overcome us at any time.  Your gentleness and goodness are beautiful.  Amen.


The tapestry of life has colors
Of every shade and hue,
Some rich and bright;
Some flat and drab,
From red to deepest blue.


The tapestry of life has music
And sounds of every kind;
From loud and shrill
To barely heard,
Expressing heart and mind.


The tapestry of life can be touched,
Its textures rough and smooth;
Like rock and sand;
Or sun and snow,
To rouse us and to soothe.


The tapestry of life has been made
Of all humanity;
In every place,
All walks and times;
Of strangers, you and me.

The tapestry of life is from God,
Lord of all creation;
The breath of life,
The Holy One
Over every nation.

The creator of this tapestry
Embraces you and me;
The universe
Is not so big
That He can’t know and see.


Oh loving God of this tapestry,
Thank You for being near
To each of us
In all You’ve made,
For Your Presence so dear.


Jesus, I come to you
With my heart full of distress;
Knowing that you’re the solution;
That you redeem and bless.


Oh God, I trust in you
With all my heart, soul and mind;
Knowing your life-giving presence
Is what I come to find.


Lord, I give thanks to you
AS a sacrifice of praise;
Because you’re God, the Holy One,
Perfect in all your ways.


Now I receive from you
Such deep and wonderful peace;
Far greater than understanding;
Love that will never cease.


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