Two Poems

I wrote the first poem in a humorous way, but make no mistake:  The message is serious and real:




What’s this that you are telling me!

How can this  actually be

That there are greater mysteries

I cannot begin to see!


Surely, you are kidding;

This can’t possibly be real!

The universe is limited

To  what I know and  feel.


There’s One whose ways are higher?

Ouch, that really hurts my pride!

I thought I was important,

But for me He died?


You certainly don’t mean that!

I’m really not that bad,

That God would sacrifice His Son

You’re making me feel sad!


Come on, I’m self sufficient!

There’s nothing I can’t do!

Yet you tell me I am helpless

And need to be born anew?


What kind of nonsense is this!

I can’t be a baby again!

Born of water and the Spirit?

Of God, not just of man?


You say my life depends on this;

Apart from god I’m dead.

You say I cannot serve myself;

I must turn to Him instead.


You’re giving me a headache;

I’m baffled through and through;

Yet there is something deep inside

That knows your words are true.


It seems, no matter how I try,

I can’t remove this stain.

It’s made of sin and fear and guilt;

Of poverty and pain.


You say there’s hope in Jesus,

Salvation in Him alone,

But how can I be so sure

He’ll love me as His own?


You say He’s loved me all along,

He knows my every need;

That all I really have to do

Is turn to him, Indeed!


He’ll welcome me with open arms

And wash away my sin.

He’ll restore my life and heal me;

He’ll make me  new within.


Okay, then, let’s be practical,

What must I pay for this?

I have to give Him everything!

And old things I won’t miss?


Yikes!  That’s down right scary!

I’ll have nothing left at all!

You say that I’ll have everything

If I listen to His call?


You’re right, these are true mysteries,

They are boggling my mind!

How confounding and yet wonderful

That there’s a God so Kind!


I can’t make heads or tails of it;

And yet, I can’t ignore

This invitation you are extending,

Let’s run through it once more.


Apart from God, you tell me,

I can do nothing at all,

But if I give Him all I am,

If I answer His sweet call,


He’ll make me a new creation;

he’ll cleanse and make me whole.

I’ll live with Him in Heaven,

He’ll sanctify my soul.


All right, then, let’s get started!

What do I have to do?

Confess that I’m a sinner,

That He is God most True?


Admit that I’m not able

To save myself and say,

I know I really need You, Lord,

fill my heart today.


That’s it, I really did it!

I guess that wasn’t bad

And what’s this warm sensation

I’ve never really had?


It feels like something special,

I don’t have words to say!

I gave my life to Jesus,

He is the Only Way.



The second poem is a little more serious:




Lord Jesus I confess to You

I am but one so weak;

Unable to redeem myself,

It’s truly You I seek.


Your mysteries seem invisible;

I long to see Your face.

But only through Your gift of faith

And through Your precious grace.


I come into Your presence

And bless Your Holy Name.

Your Kingdom is more clear to me;

Your greatness I proclaim!


Until one day I find myself

Before Your royal throne,

Singing Holy, Holy Holy

All praise to You alone!


With all the saints in harmony,

We’ll sing the hymn again:

All glory, power and blessing, Lord,

To You belong,


About lifehelps

I am like a rich tapestry, full of texture and color. I'm a musician, composer, poet, gardener, homemaker and friend. I worked as anLCSW for 22 years; as a socialworker for 26 years all told. Before that, I was a rehabilitation teacher. My passion is to come alongside others; to empower and bless them. That is why you will find plenty of variety in my blog. Two very important things to know about me is that I am a life-long learner - An explorer and sojourner. I also belong to the Lord, before you get tweeked out: I am not saying I am "religious." There is a huge difference between all of the rules and empty practice that often gets associated with Christianity and the kind of life that comes from being in a relationship with the loving God. May you find encouragement, inspiration, insight, good ideas and a laugh or two as you read my posts and comments.

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