Monthly Archives: July 2014


For years now, I have been intrigued by a principle that shows up in Scripture, more by wording than content:
“I will…”
“trust in the Lord,” “put my trust in Him…”
“Praise Him,” “glorify His Name.”
Both trusting god and worshipping Him are matters of will/choice, not responses to feelings.
Lately, I have been asking the Lord questions about worship, partly because I hear so many variations on what worship is and why it is important.
One comment I have heard in the past few years is, the quality of music and level of musicianship aren’t important; only God’s presence is. I am troubled by this: I say it’s both. Excellence in playing and performing is an offering to the Lord that draws others in; God’s presence makes worship complete.
I have also heard people say that we worship to give to God; therefore, His presence is not a measure of success. Mmmm, yeah; okay(???)
What do you believe?
What is your experience?
Why do you worship and how do you know that you succeeded?


Here’s a question:

If you had 60 seconds to tell the whole world one thing, what would it be?

For me, I think it would be this:

God loves you so very much! He knows everything there ever was or ever will be to know about you and treasures all that you are, from the tiniest, most minuscule particle to the greatest and most glorious aspect of your being.
He loves to bless you; His will is for you to be whole.
Draw close to Him; He will gather you up in His arms and pour out His affection on you.
God really is good, all the time, every day!
His provision, protection, healing, forgiveness, gifts and salvation are as much for today as they were for the Apostles in the Book of Acts.
Come, taste and see that the Lord is good; put your trust in Him and know the wonders of His love.

Okay, that would probably fill my minute and the powers that be might be cutting me off at this point, but if one person gets even one point, I will have accomplished an important work.