The word we know as “religion” means “Relinking.”


So here’s a question:
To what or whom are you linked?

In a negative sense, religion can have to do with doctrine, tradition and works.  All of these carry us away from an intimate relationship with god, instead of bringing us closer, mostly because they rely on rules and recipes.  Who needs to depend on god, or even acknowledge Him for that matter, if we can achieve righteousness on our own?

This false kind of religion also misrepresents Him.  Instead of turning people to Jesus and His love, we end up expressing ourselves and all that we bring with us, including injury, deception, pride, fear and very limited demonstrations of “goodness.”

In a more positive sense, religion is descriptive of the ways in which each of us lives out his or her relationship with God.  It reflects our “link.”
This true sense of “relinking” is like the moon, reflecting sunlight.  If it didn’t do that, we wouldn’t be able to see it in the night sky.  That is how we are, reflecting God’s glory so that He can be seen in the darkness.

When we turn to Him first so that He saves and fills us, we can reach out to others in response, bringing the true goodness of God into the world:  That which revives, heals, blesses, overcomes, saves, delivers and brings prosperity; God Himself.

About lifehelps

I am like a rich tapestry, full of texture and color. I'm a musician, composer, poet, gardener, homemaker and friend. I worked as anLCSW for 22 years; as a socialworker for 26 years all told. Before that, I was a rehabilitation teacher. My passion is to come alongside others; to empower and bless them. That is why you will find plenty of variety in my blog. Two very important things to know about me is that I am a life-long learner - An explorer and sojourner. I also belong to the Lord, before you get tweeked out: I am not saying I am "religious." There is a huge difference between all of the rules and empty practice that often gets associated with Christianity and the kind of life that comes from being in a relationship with the loving God. May you find encouragement, inspiration, insight, good ideas and a laugh or two as you read my posts and comments.

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