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Simeon held to a promise
That he would see God’s Son;
That he would not die but live
To hold the Holy One.

Simeon watched for Him each day,
In prayerful meditation,
Until in his arms there lay
The Savior of nations.

Anna watched and waited too;
She served God day and night,
Till she saw Messiah who
Would set the world right.

When we watch and pray, we know
We will see Jesus too;
He opens our hearts to show
Himself to me and you.

Seek the Lord who makes you whole
And you will surely see
Him the Lover of your soul,
King through Eternity.


The flower started as a seed,
Hidden in a secret place
That cradled and nurtured it
Providing a growing place.

The seed had everything needed
To germinate, sprout and grow
Into the lovely flower
That would be admired so.

The rain and sun brought nourishment;
That helped to make the plant strong;
Fresh air boosted the fragrance;
The roots grew deeper and long.

Then at last the flower blossomed
With petals so soft and fair
Standing in glorious splendor,
Its beauty beyond compare.

Then the blossom turned back to seed;
It faded, withered and died;
But the seeds will live and grow,
Becoming the flower’s pride.

And so it goes every season:
Reminders of life and death;
Starting in secret places;
Emerging to light and breath.

All things in nature around us
Tell about Heaven above,
Pointing to God’s provision;
Expressing His endless love.


A new description of hope came to me this morning:  Confident expectancy.
With that in mind, here is a poem:

Because God is good;
Because He loves us so;
We have every confidence;
We truly know
Every perfect gift
is presented to us by Him,
Until our expectancy grows brighter,
Never becoming dim.

Trusting in God’s love;
Walking in His great light;
We receive His providence;
All that is right
As His dear children;
We are treasured and blessed each day;
Until we see His glory
And reflect Jesus in every way.

oh God is our Hope;
His faithfulness is true;
We respond with gratitude
In all we do.
Expressions of joy
Are like streams that flow from our souls;
Bubbling up in our delight,
Songs of praise and hope that ever grows.


Even Elizabeth your relative is going to have a child in her old age, and she who was said to be barren is in her sixth month. Luke 1:36

Gabriel told Miriam (Mary) this when he announced that she would be Messiah’s mother.

Elizabeth, whose name means, “Oath of my God,” had not been able to conceive children; yet here she was, beyond normal child bearing years, six months pregnant.

I love pondering this for a couple of reasons:

*Even after we are way past giving  up, God is still at work.  He brings things into our lives at exactly the right time; age, physical ability and any other factor we could name simply doesn’t stop Him.

I have heard numerous people say that God is blessing and anointing the younger generation.  That’s good.  The deal is, He is still blessing and anointing people of all ages, from 100+ to infancy.  He isn’t ageist; we are.  It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in, you can still conceive and do the things that are on your heart.

*God always keeps His word.  2 Corinthians 1:20 says, “All of God’s promises are ‘yes’ and we add the ‘amen’ to the glory of God.”
He said He would send a messenger to prepare the way for the Savior and He did; He said He would send Messiah to save us and He did.

What has He promised you?  He is doing  and He will do it.

In the very next verse, Gabriel says,
“Nothing is impossible with God.”
Perhaps a better translation of that is,
For no word from God will be void of power.”


Then Mary answers, “Let it be according to your word.”
So here’s a question:  When did Mary conceive?
Faith is the seed that grows to fruition when God empowers it.


Oh most beloved;
My heart’s dearest treasure;
Delight of my life;
My greatest pleasure;
I did everything
Because I love you so.

I came from Heaven so glorious
As a humble child;
Died and rose victorious;
After walking with you for a while.
I ascended into glory
Holy Spirit came to you;
Now it’s you who tell My story
In all you say and do.

Oh My precious ones
So priceless to Me;
My daughters and sons;
You will always be
The joy of My heart,
Because I love you so.


God’s goodness is reflected everywhere;
In all that He has created.
In wonders great and subtle;
Sometimes boldly stated.

God’s goodness is expressed in many ways;
In beautiful music and word;
In panoramic splendors;
In things felt, seen and heard.

God’s goodness is always reality;
Even when we don’t seem to know
That He holds us in His arms,
Never letting us go.

God’s goodness is an expression of Him;
Not merely a thing He might do;
Not based on whim or notion,
But constant, real and true.


“Expectation leads to fear; expectancy leads to hope.” Danny Silk

My pastor has been meditating on this and has shared it with me a couple of times.
So, let’s take a gander at it:

“Expectation leads to fear…”
It can, if we are thinking that a situation is going to be painful, confrontational or difficult in some other way.  It could be a job interview or the office Christmas party.  For me, it’s gatherings where I can’t really move freely or join in fully.

I think expectations can also lead to disappointment, when they are not met.  This also leads to anger and offense.  I am betting that a lot of people leave Church because they were looking for things they didn’t find.

Here’s a question:  When are expectations healthy and good; when are they hurtful and unwise?
The implication in Danny Silk’s comment is that expectations are always undesirable; that we should lay them all down.
I’m not so sure about that.
They do reflect hopes and standards; they help us to set goals and boundaries.  Sometimes, expectations call us to re-examine our ideals and desires.

Perhaps the more biblical approach is to submit them to Holy Spirit and let Him help us sort the treasures.

“…Expectancy leads to hope.”

This part of Mr. Silk’s quote intrigues me.  His point is, when we know that God is good and that He has good things for us, we can simply rest and anticipate with eagerness.
Now the same gathering has no fear or disappointment, because God is in charge of the outcome.

I’m not able to go to the place of expectancy without expectation just yet.  I do think that both have their places.

Holy Spirit, we ask for discernment and wisdom.  Let our desires and expectations match Yours; reveal any wants that need to be laid down.  Most of all, teach us to trust in Your goodness.  Amen.


Sitting with Jesus in heavenly places
Gives the world a very different look:
Instead of troubles being over me;
Their tucked under my foot.
And when I speak to Jesus, I know
He hears my every word,
Sitting here with my Savior,
My Redeemer, Healer and Lord.

Worshipping Jesus in glory and honor,
Brings great pleasure and joy to my heart.
Inner awareness and love seem to grow;
New songs just seem to start.
When I’m held in Everlasting Arms,
I feel His loving touch;
Devotion to Him explodes
With joy, I love Jesus so much!


Sunlight reflected in water;
Stars and moon above;
Fragrance of trees and flowers;
So many reminders of God’s great love!

Warm embraces and loving words;
Fit like an old glove;
Giving such encouragement;
So many reminders of God’s great love.

Jesus is born in Bethlehem;
Gentle as a dove;
Died and rose to set us free;
So many reminders of God’s great love!

Look around and count all the ways
You find examples of
His ever faithful presence;
So many reminders of God’s great love!



God sent the star to announce His son’s arrival,
Which Rested over Bethlehem, large and bright;
Lowly birth yet accompanied by miracles,
God came to save us that fateful night.

This heavenly wonder declared  promise fulfilled,
Accompanied by angels worshipping God;
His lovely world would now be delivered and healed;
Israel and all the Earth abroad.

A beacon sent to proclaim salvation to all,
Through Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son;
Who lived among us, died and rose, defeating Hell;
God who saves, Jesus the only One.