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The Truth Spoken in Love

There is a trend in much of the western Church these days:  “All or nothing.”
Either I embrace everybody, including all religions, choices and lifestyles as true….
I reject people, based on their beliefs, identification, words and actions.
Me?  I say neither of these is biblical.
Jesus definitely met people where they were; yet he didn’t accept their choices out of hand.  He told the woman caught in adultery, “Go.  Sin no more.”  That was after he confronted her accusers and refused to condemn her.  He told the rich young ruler, whom he loved, to sell everything he had and “come, follow me.”
He accepted the offering of tears and ointment from a woman known to be “a sinner.”  His reply to the teachers of the law indicated that he forgave her for all she had done.
When the woman who had come to the well in Samaria encountered Jesus, her life was changed.  He totally read her mail; yet did not condone her lifestyle.  He addressed her as a real person – likely an experience she had not had in her whole lifetime.

I can accept anybody as a person, created and loved by God.
I can – and do well to – disagree with all that is not biblical and true.
One road leads to Heaven; not all of them.
One God is true; not whatever or whomever someone decides to glorify.
Sin is sin; idols are idols.

I have heard more than one source say that love means I accept people, behavior and all.
No.  Love means I accept the person and speak truth to him or her.

Are you looking for abundant, healthy, eternal life?
Give your heart to Jesus:  The Way, The Truth, The Life.



He is not afraid of bad news. His heart remains secure, full of confidence in the LORD. Ps 112:7 (GW)

My pastor came up with a new proverb:

“He who lives in the Land Of Performance finds himself in the swamp of insecurity.”

It is so tempting and easy to look for acceptability in doing. The problem is, we can’t “do it right” all of the time; we all miss the mark. Even if we do things right for one person, there is bound to be someone who doesn’t like what we did or who can do it better.

The secret: Trust in the Lord. He already knows each of us fully and loves us completely.

so here’s a new verse for a psalm:
“Because papa God loves and accepts me, my heart is secure.”
Okay, not quite original, but I bet King David won’t mind!