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When I come to crossroads
And don’t know what to do,
I can only turn
And put my trust in You.

When my wisdom fails me;
I need to know what’s true,
I will always turn
And put my trust in You.

I only see in part;
I’m weak in what I do;
So once again I turn
And put my trust in You.

My life is hidden in
Jesus who makes me new;
For this reason I turn
And put my trust in You.


A pitcher sits in the middle of the table, empty.
Each place that has also been set has a tall, beautiful glass, ready for water, and like the pitcher, empty.
Who then, will fill the pitcher so that each glass can be filled and enjoyed?
God will.
He fills each of us so that we in turn have something to give to others.
How do we get filled?
By being in His presence, worshipping, listening, reading Scripture and fellowship.
How do we pour out what we are given?
First, by praying:  This is the most important thing we can do; then, by listening, speaking, giving, serving or simply being present.
We cannot fill ourselves.  All of the striving and good works in the world will never do what God does.  Apart from Him, we can do nothing.
The pitcher in the middle of the table has been filled.
Now those who gather around it to share in a meal are drinking from the glasses that were filled from the pitcher.
Love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, meekness, gentleness, self control and faith abound.


What does it mean to put trust in God?
Is it limited to what we understand,
Or is He greater than all we could ever think, imagine and ask?
Does He really know the tiniest details of our lives?
Is He personally interested in each of us?
Is it true that He is never caught off guard or surprised because He didn’t know something would happen?
Is He the omnipotent One for real??

The answer is simple on one hand:
All that He is is true; trusting Him is as easy as letting go in happy surrender.
Putting trust in Him even takes His power, however:
Apart from Him, we can do nothing at all, which means the hard part is…
trusting in Him.
Ask Jesus and He will give you the grace you need.


It’s only in knowing God
That we can know ourselves.
We are made in His image;
To reflect His glory
and walk in love with Him.

He is Papa Creator
In Him we live and move.
He fashioned our inmost parts;
He sees into our souls;
He knows our every thought.

To live as His beloved
Is wonderful indeed!
In Him is every goodness;
He alone fulfills us;
We are His forever.


Arms of love are opened wide,
Inviting me to come in;
To know the way of truth and light,
Since I have been born again.

“Come, dear one, and be refreshed
Partake of My Heavenly food,
That heals your soul and warms your breast;
That teaches you I am good.”

In God’s Presence I am filled
His abundance strengthens me.
My doubts dissolve, all fears are stilled;
I have been healed and set free.

As I live and work each day,
I have everything I need
To reflect His glorious way;
In attitude, word and deed.

Not in my own strength, but His,
Do I love and serve Him so.
The Alpha and Omega is
Jesus, my Source and my Goal.