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Precious is the faith of a child,
With joyful believing
And open receiving;
They blithely declare without doubt.


Deeper still is the faith of one
Who knows disappointment,
A heart in sorrow bent;
Who declares with strong conviction.


“Expectation leads to fear; expectancy leads to hope.” Danny Silk

My pastor has been meditating on this and has shared it with me a couple of times.
So, let’s take a gander at it:

“Expectation leads to fear…”
It can, if we are thinking that a situation is going to be painful, confrontational or difficult in some other way.  It could be a job interview or the office Christmas party.  For me, it’s gatherings where I can’t really move freely or join in fully.

I think expectations can also lead to disappointment, when they are not met.  This also leads to anger and offense.  I am betting that a lot of people leave Church because they were looking for things they didn’t find.

Here’s a question:  When are expectations healthy and good; when are they hurtful and unwise?
The implication in Danny Silk’s comment is that expectations are always undesirable; that we should lay them all down.
I’m not so sure about that.
They do reflect hopes and standards; they help us to set goals and boundaries.  Sometimes, expectations call us to re-examine our ideals and desires.

Perhaps the more biblical approach is to submit them to Holy Spirit and let Him help us sort the treasures.

“…Expectancy leads to hope.”

This part of Mr. Silk’s quote intrigues me.  His point is, when we know that God is good and that He has good things for us, we can simply rest and anticipate with eagerness.
Now the same gathering has no fear or disappointment, because God is in charge of the outcome.

I’m not able to go to the place of expectancy without expectation just yet.  I do think that both have their places.

Holy Spirit, we ask for discernment and wisdom.  Let our desires and expectations match Yours; reveal any wants that need to be laid down.  Most of all, teach us to trust in Your goodness.  Amen.