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“We are not called to reflect our culture; we are commissioned to transform it…Christians are not subservient to the world because God has assigned us the highest level of authority.”  From “Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle,” by Kris Vallotton, copyright 2007.


I have often heard believers talk about cultural relevance.  They strive to tone down their presentation of the Gospel, so that it is “seeker

friendly.”  You don’t have to visit very many congregations at all to find compromise, often to the point that God’s word is nothing more than generalities and “religibabble.”


This troubles me.  I absolutely agree that we need to express God’s heart of love and acceptance to everybody.  I also believe that Jesus

Himself is “culturally relevant,” regardless of the era or place.


He calls his people to be leaders, not followers.  He has given us power to be his witnesses; to proclaim good news, heal, deliver and bring freedom.  We carry his presence:  The Light of the World.  When people meet us, they should have an encounter with the Holy One himself.


This is by no means something we do in our own strength; in fact, apart from God, we can do nothing.  “Witnessing” is probably one of the most injurious examples of how many of us have been taught to “do for God,” instead of living in him to the point that we mimick him.


Grace is the key.  It is the empowering presence and work of God that makes it possible for us to be who he has called us to be and do what he has commissioned us to do.  It is a gift that can never be earned that causes our hearts to respond with gratitude.
Then there is this matter of authority:  The power or right to give orders, make decisions and enforce obedience.  Appropriate synonyms might be: Power, control, charge, rule or supremacy.


Have you thought of yourself this way?  Why not?  We are princes and princesses:  Sons and daughters of the King of kings.  WE receive power when the Holy Spirit fills us; we are given charge over the earth; when we forgive, it is a done deal; when we tell a demon to go, it has to obey;  when we declare truth, it is reality.


We have everything we need to live as God’s chosen people, dearly loved; as the roayl priesthood to which we belong.  WE lack absolutely nothing.


So I say, let’s step up to the plate!  Let’s take our rightful places and walk in all of the power and authority God gives us!


Watch out world, we are here to bring Heaven to earth as we make disciples of all nations by carrying God’s transforming presence everywhere we go!