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Father God is
Always good;
Intentionally blessing
The world
He loves.


How do you look like the Father?
How do you look like His Son?
How do you reflect
The light of the Holy One?

How does your life in the Spirit
Carry and guide you each day?
What do you expect
As you trust God when you pray?

May you see the way Papa does;
With loving mercy and grace;
Until He perfects
Your reflection of His face.


A new description of hope came to me this morning:  Confident expectancy.
With that in mind, here is a poem:

Because God is good;
Because He loves us so;
We have every confidence;
We truly know
Every perfect gift
is presented to us by Him,
Until our expectancy grows brighter,
Never becoming dim.

Trusting in God’s love;
Walking in His great light;
We receive His providence;
All that is right
As His dear children;
We are treasured and blessed each day;
Until we see His glory
And reflect Jesus in every way.

oh God is our Hope;
His faithfulness is true;
We respond with gratitude
In all we do.
Expressions of joy
Are like streams that flow from our souls;
Bubbling up in our delight,
Songs of praise and hope that ever grows.