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An Ocean

maxresdefaultIf a soul is an ocean, the mind is only the top 100 feet of water.


A Christmas Blessing

star-bright-christmas-16227730-1600-1044May the Light who came into the world shine in your heart;
May His love warm, cheer and strengthen you;
May His presence bring you all health and joy.



He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.
(Isaiah 40:11 KJ2000)
NIV says, “…carries them close to his heart;”  I like that.  Indeed, God loves and responds to us with His whole Being.


Lovely makes my heart sing.
I delight in it and find myself worshipping, just because I am so blessed.
Lovely things might be:
Beautiful music
Warm days
Gentle breezes
Flowers of all sorts
Little children playing
People laughing
The view from a mountain
The ocean
Well crafted art
Sunrise and sunset
A garden

What is lovely to you?
How do you feel when you encounter such things?


Principles and figures,
Details and facts;
When it comes to information,
Very little lacks,
But what does my heart know?


Passages and verses,
Known line by line;
I have memorized Scripture well,
Treasured in my mind,
But what does my heart know?


The love of my Father,
His strength and grace?
His ever atentive presence
His warm embrace?
Does my heart know these things?


Jesus’ saving power,
The Prince of Peace,
Who is pleased to call me, “sister,”
Joy that does not cease;
Does my heart know these things?


Academic knowledge
Talents and skill
Are gifts from God to help us live,
But they don’t fulfill;
My heart must know the Lord.


To know his perfect ways,
His love for me;
The one in whom I live and move;
This is what feeds me;
My heart must know the Lord.


Proverbs 4:23 says, “Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.” (NASB)

Before I could think, cognitively that is, my beliefs were already well established.

As a baby, I asked, “Can I trust the world?”  The virtue of hope was being formed in the depths of my soul.

AS a toddler, I asked, “Is it okay to be me?”  My will was coming into its place.

Then, as a young child, I asked, “Can I do and create?”  I looked for a sense of purpose.

Belief, about God, the world, who I am and what I can do is much deeper than thoughts.  This source of my perception and trust lives in the secret places of my heart.  IT is often out of cognitive reach, making my dependence on God absolutely necessary.

I am intrigued and encouraged by this truth:  IT would be easy to feel accused because I still encounter old beliefs that need to be transformed.  Had it been entirely up to me, I would have changed them years ago.  I didn’t even know they existed, however; it took God’s revelation at just the right moment to bring the perfect healing and change.

Thoughts are certainly important.  They are the grapes in the winepress of my mind, the materials from which new beliefs will be made; therefore, I do well to monitor, feed and govern them.  God has provided many ways to do this:  Prayer, Bible study, meditation on His Word, fellowship, teaching, the discipline of mindfulness and repentance.

So then, God has the primary role in my formation and destiny.  He knew who I was before anyone even had the slightest inkling that I would exist.  He chose my family, created good works for me to do, gave me talents, gifts and unique personal traits.
I have my place as well.  It is up to me to steward all of the riches given to me by God.  Trust, obedience and cooperation are the keys.

Such a wonderful partnership!  God could have made us like robots, easily programmed.  Instead, he chose to give us freedom so that He could have intimate relationships with us.  How loving is that!


The wellspring of life is your heart;
Guard it as a great treasure.
From God’s ways never depart
So that you know His pleasure.


As you follow Him each day,
Know that your heart is secure.
Because you trust and obey,
His prosperity is sure.


Such love has no one for you
That is constant day and night;
Love so unfailing and true
AS to fill you with delight.


Guard this place where love resides;
It’s the center of your soul.
Look for blessings which God hides
That nourish and help you grow.


Jesus is the only source
Of good gifts sent from above.
There is no power or force
That can ever block His love.


(Based on Proverbs 4:23)



Give Jesus your heart – your whole heart:  All you believe, look to for filling and comfort, adore, value, serve and trust.  Do this every time you are tempted to look to someone or something else.
What will happen is:
*Every idol will fall to the ground
* circumstances will bow to Him.
*You will experience God’s presence and power like never before

My challenge is to people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life; those who have not yet invited Jesus into their hearts; long-time believers; everybody in between.
Faith is a journey; belonging to Jesus is a relationship.  While there is one moment of giving a life to Him, there are many points of further healing and commitment, just as there are many times when couples heal and recommit themselves to each other in marriage.

“What is this thing about idols?”
I’m glad you asked!
Most of us think of them as ugly stone relics or shrines to the god or goddess of “whatever.”
In reality, an idol is anything, person, place, principle, thing, activity or power that we serve, trust in, worship or look to, other than God.  That could be money, romance, work, worries, fears, self helps…  You get the point, yeah?
The problem is, none of these things work; they’re dead.  They take us away from the only One who gives and sustains life, hindering our relationships with Him.

When we turn to God, however, trusting in Him, resting in His presence and giving Him our full attention, all of the blessings that He has for us are poured into our lives, until we overflow with His goodness.

Give Jesus your heart, all of it:  Watch lies, fear, doubt, depression, worry, fatigue and every other dark thing fall away;  receive love, joy, peace, wholeness, prosperity, truth, light and all of the fullness of God’s Kingdom.  Find solutions to circumstances that you didn’t even know about or think of; come to know the Lord more intimately and discover who you really are in Him.


Oh the glory
Of your presence
makes my spirit dance and sing;
Oh how lovely
Is your presence
Jesus you’re my everything
And I’ll worship You forever;
I will glorify your Name;
Precious Lord,
Mighty Savior;
Holy Spirit,
My heart’s flame.


My heart sings a song of joy,
Trusting in God’s unfailing love;
A hymn that ever tells the story
Of glory from above.

My heart chants a song of prayer,
Calling forth God’s Kingdom on earth,
Declared in faith that His loving care
Brings all good things to birth.

My heart sings a song of peace;
Delighting in His strength untold;
Knowing that His presence brings release
From sin and sorrow’s hold.


My heart will always sing a song
To celebrate our precious Lord;
With sweet melodies and words so strong,
They’ll reach around the world.