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A Christmas Blessing

star-bright-christmas-16227730-1600-1044May the Light who came into the world shine in your heart;
May His love warm, cheer and strengthen you;
May His presence bring you all health and joy.



May the seeds I sow today
Bring blessings tomorrow:
Love, hope, peace;
Kindness and generosity;
Faith, goodness and joy:
May the harvest be so abundant
There is plenty to share
With everyone around me.


Your Kingdom come on Earth, oh Lord;
Your loving will be done;
Until the day when all knees bow
Before your Holy Son.


Your Kingdom come on Earth, oh Lord;
Until your righteous ways
Overtake all ungodly desire
And hearts are filled with praise.


Your Kingdom come on Earth, oh Lord;
Until the full release
Of all good things that come from you;
Your love, your joy and peace.


Warm sun and soft breezes;
Magnificent days;
Times when cold eases:
These are worthy of praise.
Good friends and companions
Affectionate ways;
Time spent with loved ones:
These are worthy of praise.
God’s love and faithfulness;
His mercy and grace;
All that blesses us:
These are worthy of praise.
Lord teach us to ponder
Your goodness always;
The joy and wonder
That is worthy of praise.


Fill me with blessings, Lord;
Your Peace, hope and love;
Joy beyond measure;
Wisdom from above.
Fill me with blessings, Lord,
Your glorious light
That draws people in
To know your delight.
Fill me with blessings, Lord,
So that I can pour
Them out on others;
Then, come receive more.
Fill me with blessings, Lord,
For all that I meet,
Till the world is full
Of your presence sweet.


I will praise You, oh Lord!
I choose to acknowledge Your goodness,
Even when everything
And everyone around me
Challenge that reality.


My praise might be quiet,
Tinged with doubt, confusion or sorrow;
In tones of blue and gray
As confidence and hope wane;
I will declare Your goodness.


My song rises to you;
I will praise You with a joyful heart
When prosperity reigns
And I experience peace;
You are good in all seasons!


In the beauty of a sunrise;
In the sound of the mighty sea
Are magnificent expressions
Of God’s love for you and me.


In the joy of happy laughter;
And affection from family
Come expressions of God’s great love
That revives and sets us free.


When he meets with us in stillness
Or joins us in glorious praise,
His loving presence enfolds us
As we submit to his ways.


Near or far, away or at home,
In days past, now or times to be,
God’s profound expressions of love
Are spoken to you and me



I need God most;
I experience him best
With others or alone;
At work or at rest.
In the valleys and canyons,
Where shadows grow long;
High on a mountain
When I’m filled with a song.
And on the plateau,
Where boredom seems to reign;
I need God’s presence
in joy and in pain.


I call on God’s name
Any time, day or night;
In moments of peace;
If I’ve had a great fright.
As I celebrate victory;
If I’m feeling deep loss;
When I make new plans,
And am counting the cost.
In the darkest of hours;
The happiest times.
Living in God’s presence
Makes my soul shine.


These are lyrics to a song I have started working on:


Rejoice my soul;
Join this song of praise;
Twirl and dance with great delight;
Raise your hands;
Worship all your days;
Soar to the greatest height.


Let happy sound
Come from your inmost part;
Till all that’s found
Is singing in your heart;
Lift your voice
In joyful song and mirth;
Let it resound
In all the Earth!


My soul is satisfied
With the Spirit’s wonderful food
That fills and nourishes every cell
And proves that God is good.


His love is rich and sweet;
His sparkling joy is divine;
The fruit called peace brings life and wholeness;
Into this heart of mine.


I feast on His patience
Kindness and goodness fill my soul.
Because of His faithful gentleness,
I can have self control.


There is nothing like hope
To strengthen me and cheer me on.
As I delight in all of God’s fruit,
I sing this happy song.