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Now Is a Good Time


A large number of prophetic words have to do with 2017 being a year of breakthrough.  many are saying that those who have waited for years to receive answers to prayers will finally get them; hopes and dreams are being awakened; upgrades are coming.

I say, now is a good time for that!

What words have you personally received, either from the Holy Spirit directly or through a person?  Now is a good time to claim them

What have you asked God for?  Healing?  Salvation of loved ones?  Now is a good time to pray, believing.

What is God’s call on your life?  Now is a good time to walk in it.

Does it seem especially dark?  The news certainly communicates that.  Now is a good time to “Arise and shine” – Light is much easier to see in darkness.

Now is a good time to walk closely with the Living God.  He is good; his love endures forever; he has wonderful plans for you.  Trust, obey, believe, receive!

Jesus, teach us to ask as big as your answers and to reach as high as you reach.  Thank you.  Amen.

A Christmas Blessing

star-bright-christmas-16227730-1600-1044May the Light who came into the world shine in your heart;
May His love warm, cheer and strengthen you;
May His presence bring you all health and joy.

How Different?


How different are we from our main societies;
Cultural expectations,
Accepted norms?

How different is light from darkness?

“Thus your light will shine before the children of men that they may see your good works, and may glorify your Father who is in Heaven.”
Matthew 5:16 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English)

“I’m Gonna Let It Shine”

There once was a lamp
That was very bright;
Made from gold and jewels,
It gave off beautiful light.
The family who owned it
Were filled with fear and doubt;
They hid the lovely lamp
Until it went out.


Another lamp stood
Serenely and tall
In front of a building
Where it lit the way for all.
There were many ideas
Of how the lamp should be
So it was remodeled
Till no one could see.


The Giver of Light
Came to town one day.
He noticed that both lamps
Were failing to light the way.
One was hidden and cold;
The other compromised;
Not able to be used;
Worthless and despised.


He worked with each lamp,
Restoring its flame;
Then he told the people
They must never be the same.
Freed from isolation,
Each lamp stood in its place,
Uncompromised and real,
Shining with God’s grace.


Isolation kills;
Compromise destroys.
The words of this story
Come with a challenging voice:
Let God’s light within you
Shine brightly every day;
With Him as Source and Goal,
Walk in His true way.


The thermostat on my wall
Just seems to hang out there
Withno concern at all;
It hasn’t a single care.


Unlike the thermometer
Tracking inside and out:
Thermostat controls the heat:
That’s what it’s all about.


So it is with God’s elect,
Called to change atmospere;
To have a profound effect
On people far and near.


We are not called to follow
The fads that come along;
But as we God to all show,
We strengthen the Spirit’s song.


So rise up each righteous one:
Let Jesus shine through you;
As brightly as the sun,
In God’s glorious love and truth.


God’s love is everlasting:
It will never end,
Even if we stray
And don’t turn to Him again.


God’s love is deeply knowing:
He sees every part
Of how we are made,
The true nature of each heart.


God’s love is freely given:
Not for us to earn;
It’s the expression
Of fire that will ever burn.


God’s love is poured out on you:
One so dear to Him;
Held close to His heart
In light that will never dim.


We will speak and live
As leaders in our world,
To bring love instead of hatred;
Peace to the nations;
Hope and joy that conquer despair.
As you call us, we will obey;
Lord Jesus, please lead the way.


We will live each day
As your true witnesses,
To bring light instead of darkness;
News of salvation;
Your healing and deliverance.
As you call us, we will obey;
Lord Jesus, please lead the way.


We will show your love,
To win the hearts of all;
Break the bonds of fear and dread;
Set the captives free;
Reflect your glorious presence.
As you call us, we will obey;
Lord Jesus, please lead the way.


As we follow you,
We will invite others
To enter into your kingdom;
To be born again;
Baptized and filled with your Spirit.
As you call us, we will obey;
Lord Jesus, please lead the way.


Then as we come home,
To our place in Heaven,
We will rejoice to be with you;
Forever at peace;
Ever praising and worshipping.
As you call us, we will obey;
Lord Jesus, please lead the way.



That your light will shine so brightly, all darkness flees before you.
That your love will cast out all fear.
That your hope, peace and joy will cheer every heart.
That hatred, bigotry, bitterness, abuse and violence will be banished forever.
That your healing presence will restore people and nations in every way.
That you will be exalted and glorified in all the Earth.
That all people will draw together in unity as they submit to you.
That your will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.  Amen.


Piercing through darkness
Until it is gone;
making the way clear to us;
Shining so brightly
for all to see;
Light of the World,
Shine in me.

Shining on children;
On all young and old;
Bright as the day at noontime;
Casting off shadows
Setting us free;
Light of the World,
Shine in me.