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In It Together

_71435662_m3750096-family-splDear Millennials:
You desire truth and authenticity, the freedom to be and do you; you want enough safety to become vulnerable; you want significance. I want that, too.

Like you, I learned to be cautious and mistrustful.  I am anti-establishment and ever seeking new ways.
Dear Boomers:
Do you remember wanting these things? I do.
What happened? Why did you give up on these and settle into the status quo?

I know so many of you – you still value authenticity, social justice, idealism and freedom.  You have not lost the fire in your hearts that cause you to work for a better world.


Dear generations in between:
You want identity, prosperity and freedom.
Do these not add up to the same things that milennials and boomers seek?

We are in this world together, searching and working for the same things.
Let’s join hearts and hands and include each other:
Boomers need you, Xers, Mes and Milennials;
I hope you recognize that you need us as well.
There is such a lie that has been promoted – Anyone over 40 is done.
No! We’re still here; we’re alive and desirous of the same things.
Instead of opposing or excluding each other, let’s come together in the unity of our ideals and searches;
Then we’ll see what God makes from all of this.



You are my neighbor
And I am yours;
We share common ground
And stories.

I see you each day
As you go by
On your way to work;
We say, “hi.”

We are also friends,
Living so near
To one another;
WE are peers.

As we bump elbows
In our shared place,
God’s love becomes clear;
We know His grace.


Coming together
Over coffee and such,
Noticing each other with
Taking the
One friend at a time;
Needing others, too.

Counting blessings
One by one;
never stopping to
Each favor
Coming from God
To us
In lovingkindness
Over all creation;
new compassion each day.


Acts 2:46-47
“Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts.
They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.
And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”

For a number of years, it has been my observation that the church has “going to the temple” down pretty well in that we have Sunday morning and midweek gatherings.
We have pretty much lost the practice of breaking bread from house to house, though, which really has to do with community.  Perhaps the biggest reason that no one had needs was that he or she couldn’t hide out in the same kind of isolation that people do nowadays.  Families and individuals were known and wrapped in relationship.
This is a call to connection.  Even if each believer made it a point to befriend one other, we would gain ground…
and if neighbors started to break bread and really get to know each other?
It would be a revolution!