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Now Is a Good Time


A large number of prophetic words have to do with 2017 being a year of breakthrough.  many are saying that those who have waited for years to receive answers to prayers will finally get them; hopes and dreams are being awakened; upgrades are coming.

I say, now is a good time for that!

What words have you personally received, either from the Holy Spirit directly or through a person?  Now is a good time to claim them

What have you asked God for?  Healing?  Salvation of loved ones?  Now is a good time to pray, believing.

What is God’s call on your life?  Now is a good time to walk in it.

Does it seem especially dark?  The news certainly communicates that.  Now is a good time to “Arise and shine” – Light is much easier to see in darkness.

Now is a good time to walk closely with the Living God.  He is good; his love endures forever; he has wonderful plans for you.  Trust, obey, believe, receive!

Jesus, teach us to ask as big as your answers and to reach as high as you reach.  Thank you.  Amen.



God is the Giver of dreams:
Things we would like to do;
Wishes and ideas;
Thoughts and concepts new.


Treasure and act on these dreams:
Part of God’s plan for you;
Meant for direction;
They are blessings true.


Know if a dream is shattered:
Taken away from view;
God has another,
Fresh as morning dew.


Trust in the Giver of Dreams:
Who gives more than a few
Richest life to you.


I have been pondering a question that seems to have no answer:
What do we think and do when things have not gone as we expected or hoped they would?


When I was in my teens and twenties, I could not have predicted that my life would go the way it has:
I certainly had no idea that there would be tragedies and loss.
I thought maybe the course of my life would include marriage and children, but it didn’t.
I have accomplished things I never thought possible.
There have been victories and blessings I didn’t know to ask for.


Jesus’ disciples experienced this in following Him, especially when He was crucified.  They were sure that this was wrong…or that they had been wrong to follow Him.
I don’t know that His resurrection was any easier for them to wrap their minds around.  They were completely undone and disoriented.  Everything they thought would happen didn’t; things they didn’t expect or want did.
The result:  They were brought to Pentecost and transformed into world-changing apostles.


So what to do when life doesn’t go the way we expected…or even wanted?
I don’t know, except to trust the One who does.


Divine plans were set in place,
Especially for me
So that I would do the good works
That reflect God’s glory.
I gladly live as who I am;
Never to be someone else;
Yielding gratefully to the lead of Holy  Spirit.


Before something even happens, I announce how it will end. In fact, from times long ago I announced what was still to come. I say, ‘My plan will succeed.
I will do anything I want to do.’  Isaiah 46:10  NRIV

What God says IS.
He said, “Let there be…”  and it happened to His exact specifications.
God never says, “Maybe.”  The closest He comes is, “If you,…I will….”  Even then, His word is absolute and reliable.
With the exception of the time when Moses pleaded with Him not to destroy the children of Israel, He doesn’t change His mind; His “yes” is yes; His “no is no.
He always keeps His word.  anything He ever said He would do either has happened, is happening or will happen.
His plans always succeed.  He is never caught off guard by something He forgot or didn’t think of.
I find this tremendously comforting and encouraging:  I can depend on what God has said and rest in Him.  Whenever I am tempted to figure things out on my own; if I begin to worry, I can let go because God is so very faithful and able.  He has spoken concerning the really big things, such as the universe, time and all of creation; He also speaks to me and into my life.  His plans for me are good; He carries them out; my part is to believe and obey.
He is Personally interested in every aspect of my life.  He will do anything He wants to do, out of His great love, wisdom and knowledge of me.  That’s good news!