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May the seeds I sow today
Bring blessings tomorrow:
Love, hope, peace;
Kindness and generosity;
Faith, goodness and joy:
May the harvest be so abundant
There is plenty to share
With everyone around me.



Long before anyone knew you would be,
Our loving God had an idea:
He put just the right features together, and then,
He created the one known as you.

There is nobody else in all the world,
In history or in years to come,
Who has been created with that specific idea
Of the person we know as you.

Uniquely made to reflect the glory
Of the Lover of each one’s soul;
He made your being and prepared all the good works;
Then gave a name to that one you.

Dearly loved, you are precious in his sight;
More treasured than any riches.
He pours out all that he is to respond to the
One he created to be you.


Sometimes, I think I get so stuck on a topic that everything I write seems redundant.

When it comes to knowing who God is and who we are, constant repetition is probably more than all right; it’s desirable.

There are so many sources that work to convince us that God is everything but who HE truly is.  He’s “the universe” or the very distant, angry disciplinarian who does things arbitrarily.  He loves us, but we have to jump through all sorts of hoops to earn His approval.  He’s impotent:  People and circumstances are bigger than He is; we have to fend for ourselves…. And on the lies go.

Then, there is the same army of voices after us about who we are:  Nothing, a bother; wormly beings that deserve nothing but eternal punishment.  Orphans who need to work at being better than we are.  Good, if we really put in the effort.  Broken wretches….

It’s all about identity.  AS we come to know the Truth about who God is, we discover ourselves:
God is love.  He is good all the time; He is always joyful.  He is the Prince of Peace, Healer, Redeemer, Friend that sticks closer than a brother.  He is not ashamed to call us His brothers and sisters; He likes us.

He is head over heels in love with us.  He says we are precious, wonderful, glorious sons and daughters, made in His image.  We are His creation, workmanship, children.  He has wonderful plans for our lives; He has created good things for us to do.  He loves to bless us; He thoroughly enjoys hanging out with us.

I’m His favorite.

But then, so are you.

He loves every individual as though he and she were the only person in the whole world to love.

He loves with His whole being; not just intellectually or with words alone.

His love is so powerful, nothing can separate us from it.

We are living epistles, reflections of His glory, His chosen ones, a royal priesthood, temples of the Holy Spirit.

In short, we are awesome and glorious because of Jesus.

The next time you look in the mirror, tell yourself who you are according to God; then give yourself a hug.  Papa says you’re beautiful and awesome.  Gents, He calls you noble, valiant and amazing.


God our loving Father Knows each of us intimately.
There is absolutely nothing, past, present or future that He can’t see.
“Oh, I never thought of that,” is never something He says;
“I know the plans I have for you to give you hope always.”


Single or married, professional, blue collar or trade;
Each person and walk of life is holy and for His loving purpose made.
No seconds in His Kingdom, each is precious in His sight.
Each child of His is destined to walk in His life-giving light.


Oh son and daughter of God, please listen to the words I say:
What He thinks, says and does for us exceeds expectations in every way.
If you were to name each star and count every grain of sand,
You’d fail at describing the blessings that come from God’s Hand.


What if my only purpose
Is to love and worship You;
What if my reflection
Is in simple things I do

What if my employment
Is always to believe;
Showing grace and glory;
Expressing hope and peace.

Not with brightness of my own,
Nor strength that comes from me;
Not of my own making,
So it’s You that people see.

What if everything I am
My spirit and my soul,
Live and move in You alone,
What if I am whole.

For by Your mercy and Your love
My being has been made;
With blessing and compassion;
With Glory that doesn’t fade.