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Faith so audacious,
We dare to believe
That God is greater
Than all we see;
That He is more powerful
Than any circumstance;
We are guided by His will;
We simply don’t live by chance.


Faith so audacious
We trust Him and pray,
Till we have heard Him;
Then we obey.
Living with expectancy;
Bold because we belong
To Papa God’s household;
The Lord most gracious and strong.


Faith so audacious
We happily rest
In God’s loving arms,
Where we are blessed.
We receive His provision;
Papa’s unending care;
Then we give it to others,
Rejoicing in all we share.
Faith so audacious
We know He will heal
Injury and disease
With power so real.
We still look for miracles
From Jesus, Risen King;
We live out courageous faith
For God is our Everything.



You know how a song can be out for a while; then it’s just the right season and the song really speaks to you?

That would be this one by Vertical Church Band.  Enjoy:



When all seems dark and gloomy;
Sorrow steals your song;
Don’t give up or turn aside;
Press on, dear one, press on!


When you are feeling weary;
All your strength has gone,
Rest in Papa’s loving arms;
Then rise, dear one, press on!


When you feel lost and hopeless;
You can’t see beyond
Circumstances that hold you,
Press on, dear one, press on!


Then when you stand in victory;
Knowing you have won,
Rejoice and dance with gladness;
For you, dear one, pressed on!